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The StarLite (M series) water ionizer is a high-quality machine made in Korea that transforms tap water into alkaline antioxidant water and acidic water through a multi-stage filter and electrolysis chamber. The machine features 5 platinum-coated titanium electrodes that split the water and produce optimal pH levels. It also includes an 8-stage ultra water filter that effectively removes bacteria, ensuring that the water you drink is safe and healthy. With its sleek design and easy-to-use interface, the StarLite (M series) water ionizer is the perfect addition to any health-conscious household.


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StarLite (M series) water ionizer

Excluding Tax
  • Colour

    Grey with White 

    Input Voltage

    AC220 – 230V/50 Hz

    Net Weight


    Dimensions (HxDxW)

    245 x 240 x 150 (mm)

    Applicable Water Inflow Pressure Range

    0.7 ~ 5 Bar (kgf/ cm2)

    Ionized Water Output Rate

    Maximum 3 Litres/Minute

    Electrode Materials

    Platinum-coated Titanium Electrodes

    Filter Life

    3,600 Litres or 1 year, depending on whichever comes first

    Filter Life Indicator

    Icon Indicator

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