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Our founder, Mr. Patrick Lim, identified the importance of offering people healthier living choices. Recognizing water as a fundamental necessity, he made the decision to make the advantages of Alkaline Ionized Water accessible to everyone. This marked the birth of StarWater, which would go on to become one of the pioneering manufacturers of Alkaline Water Ionizers in Singapore.

We are continually exploring innovative approaches to create functional, lifestyle product designs that can seamlessly fit into your home. In 2014, the StarWater Star 5 Alkaline Water Ionizer received recognition when it was awarded the Singapore Good Design Mark Award by the Design Business Chamber Singapore.

In 2015, in order to broaden our product range and services, StarWater officially transitioned to become StarWellness. To meet consumers' demands for a dependable and cost-effective choice, we also introduced the StarLite Alkaline Water Ionizer.

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