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Making full use of your vegetables!

Learn how ionized alkaline water can be used to prolong vegetable life with our simple tips.

Eating fruits and vegetables daily has countless benefits for your body. It can help to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of countless health conditions. More often than not, when buying fresh produce, we buy them in bulk and store them in our refrigerators. This may cause the fresh produce to become withered and inedible if not consumed in time. This can be minimized with our Star 5 alkaline water ionizer!

How can a water ionizer keep my produce fresh?

With the option to choose acidic water specifically for disinfection purposes, it can be used to disinfect chopping boards and utensils.

Pesticide removal: The higher pH of alkaline ionized water (pH 10) can help break down and remove pesticides from the surface of fruits and vegetables.

On a cellular level? How so?

Since the molecules from the ionizer are smaller, it is able to clean the product on a cellular level and removes chemicals not only from the surface but from the cells as well. It also preserves the minerals of the vegetables when soaked in acidic water for 5-10 minutes. Once washed, it can be stored in a zip-lock bag to prevent wilting for longer when stored in the refrigerator.

For fruits, soaking and washing can be done right before consumption just to ensure proper storage to prevent an environment for mold and bacteria to grow.

Before consuming the washed vegetables or using your "already" washed utensils, do remember to wash them AGAIN with filtered or alkaline water, this is because acidic water is dangerous to ingest in large amounts! As compared to using soap or other products to clean your produce, use a natural disinfectant that even cleanses cells and ensures that impurities are fully rid of instead of infused back into your fruits or vegetables!


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