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Replacement filters for Celestine or Crystal Glass pitchers.

The Magnesium (Mg+) filter procides clean, magnesium rich water that aids body functioning & balance. Comprising of activated carbon & magnesium ions exchange resin, it eliminates chlorine & impurities while giving great tasting water.

Magnesium water pitcher filters (Set of 3)

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    • Contains magnesium that is required by the body
    • Supplements daily magnesium intake
    • Removes chlorine & impurities from tap water
    • Aids in moderating & regulating blood pressure
    • Reduces stress & fatigue
    • Improves taste
    • Adds approximately 30mg/l of magnesium to your drinking water
    • Filters up to 150 liters of water or 30 days, depending on whichever comes first.